We are glad to present you our new project, Web.Informer.

This service allows your visitors to add your site’s webpages to all the popular social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, for example. All you need to do is to install our button on your website, and your visitors will be able to Digg, Twitt, Delicious your newest articles or blog entries. Web.Informer is simple, powerful, and user-friendly, just like all our Informer projects.

Features and advantages:

  1. Services ranking. We do not just give you the list of social bookmarking sites, we rank them according to user preference. Most popular services are always on top.
  2. Geo-targeted ranking. Depending on the visitor’s country, we provide users with different lists of services ranked according to popularity within the country. That doesn’t mean you cannot find other countries servicies, those just have lower rank.
  3. Localization. Our website and button are localized into several languages (list of them) and we will continue to add more.
  4. Easy to include service. All you need to start using Web.Informer is our button code. No registration, no forms or something like that.
  5. Ranking for individual user. We use cookies to find out what services are preferrable for the given user, and filter our lists according to his/her personal preference.
  6. Site-related ranking. We also track each of our buttons and check if there is a preference related to the given site’s visitors. If there is, we adjust our ranking for the site visitors as well.
  7. Google Analytics integration. You can easily sort out how your visitors use the WebInformer button with the help of Google Analytics. Simply go to GA Top content section and apply filter using ‘/webinformer’ as a keyword. You’ll be able to filter all the info connected to WebInformer button and track which social bookmarking services are the most preferable by the visitors.